Going to China? What to bring [Other Than The Obvious]:

As I still reflect on my time in China, and even think about going back, I thought I would help someone like someone helped me. So here’s a list of things to bring (mostly from a woman’s perspective, but there are useful things for everyone):

-hair care products (especially if you are Black; if you use hair care products catered to the average white woman, then you will be fine)

-your favorite seasonings for food (I brought Old Bay, Lawry’s, and Hot Sauce- and was so glad I did)

-definitely cash (though it is better to try to exchange it at your home country, you would have to do it weeks in advance. Using a credit/debit card could get pretty expensive. You will technically get charged two rates- (1) from it not being your bank’s ATM and (2) international rates)

-your favorite snacks/candy that you crave. Of course, they will most likely have your favorite chocolate candy, but they don’t have everything (especially some of the newer stuff)

-makeup- some of it is more expensive in China to get, but they do have the popular stuff

-lotion- a lot of lotion contains bleach, so you might want to bring your own, or just be careful

-If you are over an 8 in shoe size, definitely bring shoes that will last you

-All the medicine that you take

-Buy/Download a VPN for your electronics (no Google, YouTube, Social Media without it)

Hope this helps someone. There is more to add, and if I think of more, I will post it 🙂


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