American Chinese Food vs China Chinese Food vs. Food

I am the type of person who loves to eat (though people love to say that I don’t look like it), but I do love food! In the last post, I briefly talked about food, so this is more of a comparison. People from China and America seem to be equally concerned about me eating or rather how the food tastes, so here it goes…

  1. Pizza! I absolutely LOVE pizza. I think it tastes better in… China. Every place I have tried pizza, it was really tasty. It’s always a long wait for it (like 40 minutes-maybe that it is why it is better ❓). If you remember, I live in a sort of rural area, so we do not really have Western chain restaurants. There is this one French restaurant that I go to a lot and I always order the seafood pizza, Italian style, and it makes my heart smile.
  2. Chicken Feet. One word: Ew! If I offend you, I’m sorry, but it scares me. I have never tried it in America, but I always looked at it with disgust. I tried it for the first time in China. We (my roommate and I) were invited to a dinner,and one of the things they served was chicken feet. (This was all family style) There was so much encouragement for us to try it, and I actually did not know what it was until after I tried it. It was cold, and interesting, and something I am okay with not trying again (haha).
  3. Orange Chicken. I actually just tried this in China a few weeks ago. It was good. It tastes better in… America! In America, it is more flavorful, though it was good to eat something I am more familiar with.
  4. Sushi. Hands down, I like it better in… America! I don’t know what it is about the Chinese sushi- maybe the texture and what they put in it- but I definitely prefer it in America.

20151115_1733105. Pancakes. Okay, now they taste completely different. You know how American pancakes are sweet and syrupy, and maybe buttery? Chinese pancake is completely the opposite. It reminds me more of bread with spices, but it is still good… most times. Because of this, I say that I like American pancakes more.

6. Birthday cake. Definitely like it better in China. In America, there will be some cakes you love and some cakes you will hate. In China, I haven’t found cake that I did not like. They mostly have fruit (or at least the ones I’ve tried) and they are fluffy, so I never feel like I should say “I have to watch my weight”. This may also be because most homes (where I live) do not have ovens, so a lot of people steam their cakes. Either way it is delicious!


So that is all that I can think of now… part 2 will come sometime later because who doesn’t like to talk about food (othe than hungry people who have not eaten)?


Please excuse any errors. This was written on my phone due to problems with the internet (I told you it is always something 😊).


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